After School Programs

At our 21st Century Community Learning Center sites, we are continuing the hard work that has been an essential aspect of our afterschool programming.

We continue our great partnership with the following Buffalo Public Schools; Grabiarz Campus School (#79), Riverside Institute of Technology, and West Hertel Academy (#94).  Our relationship with the administrators, teachers, and associate staff at these excellent schools has truly helped the programs flourish, as we focus on supporting the work those individuals do during the regular school day, by offering intense ELA and math programming, homework assistance, and help with various projects after school.  Our hard work and success has been recognized by New York State Education Department officials, who control how the 21st Century federal funds are distributed.  The fact that they have selected us as a model on how to operate afterschool programming is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of all staff associated with our 21st Century Community Learning Centers.  Our programs have attained consistent, successful outcomes, by focusing on literacy, and reaching out to students with excellent academic classes and fun, interesting, and educational recreational activities.  Targeting not only the academic aspect of afterschool, but also focusing on career building, personal and social development skills, and other essential, non-academic activities, NWBCC’s 21st Century Community Learning Center programs have been able to further sharpen the tools that our children need to find success not only in school, but throughout all areas of their lives.

NWB719 Eastside Quickfacts

NWB719 Westside Quickfacts